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  • 产品名称: Digital Arc Welding Machine with MMA Welding, GD Series IGBT Welding Machine
  • 产品编号: Digital Arc Welding Machine with
  • 上架时间: 2018-10-08

Digital Arc Welding Machine with MMA Welding, GD Series IGBT Welding Machine



Digital Arc Welding Machine with MMA Welding, GD Series IGBT Welding Machine

Main Parameters
Applicable Electrode Diameter: 1.6-5.0mm
Applicable Power Supply: Single Phase
Rated Input Voltage: 115V/220V
Rated Input Power: 3.7kW-6.6kW
Rated Input Current: 16.9A-40.8A
Open Circuit Voltage: 65V
Protection Class: IP23
Insulation Class: H
Cooling System: Forced air cooling


Our GD series digital arc welding machine with IGBT Inverter is designed with a digital control panel, optimizing control accuracy. The IGBT welding machine is extensively applied in hardware fields, for decoration and equipment maintenance or by home DIYers. It is suitable for welding carbon steel, regular low carbon steel and stainless steel. The arc welding machine with MMA welding works well with different kinds of electrodes, especially acid and alkaline types.

  • Our GD series arc welding machine is compatible with two welding modes, which are Manual Metal Arc (MMA) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).
  • Contact-type arc ignition method is applied. In this method, a soft arc will be easily established as soon as the tungsten electrode is brought into direct contact with the workpiece to form short circuit.
  • The built-in thrust regulation system is able to prevent arc extinction during the welding process and make the welding current larger as the electrode moves closer towards the workpiece, thereby eliminating welding spatter.
  • The working voltage can be toggled between 115V and 230V. In case of excessively high current, overheat protection feature will be automatically enabled, thus ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Our MMA welder is also designed with VRD (voltage reduction device), which is featured with electric shock protection. Hence, the safety of the operator will be further guaranteed.
Technical Parameters
Electrode Diameter 1.6-3.2mm 1.6-3.2mm 1.6-3.2mm 1.6-4.0mm 1.6-5.0mm
Power Supply Voltage(V) 1P~220V 1P~220V 1P 115V 1P~220V 1P~220V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power 3.7KW 4.5KW 4.9KW 6.1KW 6.6KW
Rated Input Current 16.9A 28A 30.4A 38.1A 40.8A
Rated Input Current Range 15-120A 15~140A 15-150A 15~180A 15~190A
Efficiency Above 80% Above 80% Above 80% Above 80% Above 80%
Duty Cycle (40°C 10min) 30%120A,
Open Circuit Voltage 65V 65V 65V 65V 65V
N.W 7.3KG 7.3KG 7.3KG 10.3KG 10.3KG
G.W. 8.5KG 8.5KG 8.5KG 12KG 12KG
Packing Dimension 385×260×330mm 385×260×330mm 385×260×330mm 485×290×380mm 485×290×380mm

The appearance, welding current, product manuals, package and mechanical property of our MMA welding machine can be customized according to customer requirements.